People at Stebbings

I’ve got a number of photos that include pictures of the people that worked at Stebbings over the years. Many of the images are rather grainy and people’s faces aren’t always clear. I have no idea who the majority of the people are, so if you recognise anyone – or you recognise yourself! – please leave a reply/comment at the bottom of the page, or e-mail me at . Very many thanks.

Picture 1. I think this picture was taken in April 1945. Cyril (Sandy) Burgess back row far right.

Picture 2. Peter Jowers, I think, with Harry Stebbings, 1943

Picture 3. I think this is Wilf Burton, 1950

Picture 4. Men working in no. 5 shop, Chapel Road

Picture 5. Another view of men working in no. 5 shop, 1950

Picture 6.

Picture 7. Final preparations before Festival Vertue is sent on her way to the Festival of Britain 1951. William Frederick “Bill” Stebbings in the centre.

Picture 8. Betty Warren standing in the foreground.

Picture 9. A Bonito class under construction, I think.

Picture 10. On the right is either William or Albert Harry Stebbings.

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2 Responses to People at Stebbings

  1. Frances Eaton says:

    Picture 1. My father Cyril (Sandy) Burgess back row far right.

  2. Neil Smith says:

    My grandad William Frederick stebbings is in Pic no 7 standing in the middle of the boat, I also have paintings by Harry Stebbings if anyone is interested contact me

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