Burong Chamar III

Burong Chamar III was an Alan Buchanan Albatross class ketch built by Stebbings in 1961. For some time her home port was out in Malaysia.

Thank you to Barbara for letting me know what happened next.

After the death of her owner the decision was taken to bring Burong Chamar III back from Malaysia to Europe to be sold. She was stowed aboard a cargo ship so that she could be brought through the Suez Canal, and then was readied to be lifted off in Naples to continue her journey to France by sea. Unfortunately, while suspended by the crane a cable broke and the boat crashed to the ground. The mizzen mast was broken and very serious damage was done along the starboard side. No longer in a state to be sold, the skipper who was bringing her to France moored Burong Chamar III in the port of Ventotene. She was discovered there by chance by Barbara, her brother and her father, who fell in love with the boat. After purchasing her, Barbara’s father set about the restoration, and met up with her designer, Alan Buchanan, to get a copy of the plans. Around 1992, after becoming ill, Barbara’s father donated Burong Chamar III to the Samanna Community.

Rosario then owned Burong Chamar from 1996 to 2016 and she is now in a shipyard in Anzio, close to Rome, where the new owner is undertaking a new renovation.

The photos are courtesy of Barbara Falomo.

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1 Response to Burong Chamar III

  1. Rosario says:

    I have been the happy owner of Burong Chamar from 1996 to 2016. I bought Burong from the Samanna Community, it was moored at Fiumara Grande in Fiumicino (Rome). Burong received relevant restorations and currently is based in a shipyard in Anzio, close to Rome, where the new owner is operating a new renovation. In 1997 I had contacts with Mr Falomo thanks to some common friends. Great sailboat and amazing experience sailboating with it. For more information please contact me via email.

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