Alan Buchanan Yacht Plans

Following the death of Alan Buchanan, his collection of yacht plans and drawings have been passed to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall for entry into their archive. The update below describes progress as of April 2016,

Rolls of plans are being sorted and racked by Dwg Nos There are more than 1400 sets of drawings to be identified and catalogued. To date more than 90% have been identified and racked. Many of the rolls of plans were badly damaged when in store before being received. Four large rolls containg 90 Lines plans have been found and catalogued details will be published shortly Enquiries can be accepted and copies of specifications for individual designs can be traced.

So if anyone is interested in obtaining plans for a Buchanan designed yacht, I suggest contacting the staff at the NMMC Bartlett Library.

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1 Response to Alan Buchanan Yacht Plans

  1. Brenda Shepherd says:

    Hi Pete, picture no 10 on the far right is A H Stebbings-mum

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