Plans for new quayside store 1898

The Essex Record Office hold plans from 1898 for new yacht stores to be built on the quay. The owner of the stores is Mrs Spencer Addison, and William Stebbings is entered as the designer and builder.

The layout of the plan does suggest a building used for storing goods rather than for building boats. It might have housed the office as well. It is not clear what was on the site prior to these stores being built, but perhaps it was the shed used for building the oyster fishery vessels for Spencer Addison – this is just a guess.

The photo below seems to show the stores as being between the main Stebbings shed and the Nethercoat’s shed. One can see from the state of the roofing material that this section was constructed at a different period.

Stebbings, The Quay, Burnham-on-Crouch

Date uncertain

Here’s a view of the stores building from another angle, showing the characteristic windows and doors arrangement – just before the whole lot went up in flames.

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