Stebbings Lifeboat Conversion

Stebbings lifeboat conversion 3
Stebbings lifeboat conversion 2
Stebbings lifeboat conversion 1I do not know whether Stebbings actually sold any lifeboat conversions, but an article appraising the design of such a craft was published in Yachting World in August 1946.

The problem for Stebbings appears to have been that following the end of the war their contract with the Admiralty to produce lifeboats was ended and they were left with a number of craft that were suddenly surplus to requirements. And the majority of these had never been afloat.

The conversion was to be to a standard Board of Trade agreed lifeboat design, 28′ overall in length, with a beam of 8’4.5″, and a draught of 2’3″, and clinker built. The conversion included the addition of single engine and fore and aft cabins providing four berths, a small galley, and a heads. The cockpit was central.

The price was reckoned to be in the order of £400. Although this was a lot of money in 1946 it would have represented a significant saving compared to commissioning the build of a new motor cruiser from scratch. As such, lifeboat conversions are not uncommon, with one of the more famous being Erskine Childers’ Dulcibella, around which the classic The Riddle of the Sands was written.

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