Mako of Burnham

Mako of Burnham - Brabant class
Mako of Burnham was built by Stebbings in 1959 and is an early example of an Alan Buchanan Brabant class sloop.

She was originally built for Mr L.B. Dyball, of Poole, and she was sailed by her owner in the 1961 Fastnet race (Class III), although she didn’t finish.

A few years later she was sold to a Mr John Bentham of London, and in 1980 was being owned by Major M.W.B Best R.A., who worked at the Kiel Training Centre in Germany. Today, Mako of Burnham is owned by Mr P. Fawcett and sails out of Heybridge Basin, Essex.

At some point the sail number was changed from 105 to 1912.

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  1. Richard Kleinfeld says:

    Love your boat. I have a 33 foot Alan Buchanan and need your assistance. I would like to discuss this with you the area of Essex.

    Rich Kleinfeld

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