Lydiette was designed by Arthur C Robb and built by Stebbings in 1949 for Lt.-Cdr. Anthony Spencer-Phillips OBE. She was similar to Mokoia, another Robb design built by Stebbings, but layed out differently below decks. According to the journals of the day Lydiette was a well known ocean racer and the Lloyd’s Register of Yachts of that time recorded her as being built to the 8 metre International Rating. Lt-Cdr Spencer-Phillips had been a British Naval Liaison Officer with the United States Forces during the invasion of the South of France.

In 1952 Lydiette changed hands and was bought by a Mr Hazzard of New York, with the intention of her taking part in the 1952 Rhode Island-Bermuda race. She was actually shipped in the same cradle used by Mokoia, another Arthur C Robb design from Stebbings, which had competed in the same race two years earlier (YM Jan 1952).

I’m not sure of the current whereabouts of Lydiette, although the Yachting Monthly piece from 1952 mentioned that Mr Hazzard might sail her back to his home country, Australia, at some future date. It is also possible that more information about her exists in the Lloyd’s Register of American Yachts.

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3 Responses to Lydiette

  1. Martin Janek says:

    My dad has the model of this ship with the plaque. We are in Redcliffe Qld Australia.

  2. Mike Spencer-Phillips says:

    Very interesting….I always wondered what became of her. Anthony Spencer-Phillips was my Father and the story I was told, was that this was given to him as a Birthday present from his then wife, Lila Detterding. As it hadn’t been wrapped in brown paper, at the Divorce hearing it was contested that it was a Birthday present and the proceeds went to Lila….clever lawyers, on her side, my Father’s were struck off I believe, having been bribed…..all allegedly of course.

    I would be interested to hear of where Lydiette ended up, if anyone knows.

  3. Chad Thompson says:

    We are trying to locate the present owner of Mokoia, built a little earlier than Lydiette.

    Mokoia’s design by Arthur Robb won a competition in New Zealand in the mid 1940s for the creation of a loose one design keeler class. That design was never built in NZ.

    Instead Bob Stewart’s runner up design known as “Helen” was the first one built here.

    WE now know that Stebbings built Arther Robb’s winning design named “Mokoia” and in looking up your archives there is a comment there, “Designed by Arthur C. Robb. Sail number 419C. On the Clyde for many years, but nowadays to be found in Sydney, Australia.” Quite what year that comment was made I don’t know, but have you any idea of where she is now and who her owner is.

    It would be great to get the present owner introduced to members of the K Class group here in NZ. It would be like finding a long lost sister.

    Any assistance you can give would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Chad Thompson

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