Holliwell class

The Holliwell class was a 4 ton sloop with an iron keel and swinging steel centreplate. With the plate retracted, the Holliwell had a draught of 2’3″, helping to make the boat trailer-able and also suitable for shoal water as well as offshore cruising. The Holliwell was designed by Alan Buchanan.

The construction was clinker mahogany planking over steamed oak frames and copper fastened. The rudder was transom hung. The decks were marine ply and the cabin top was sheathed in GRP. The spars were of wood.

The Stebbings examples had the mast stepped in a tabernacle, but an earlier design (possibly built by Stebbens Boatyard at Heybridge Basin) had the step on the cabin sole.

I am not sure how many examples were built or how they have lasted. An example in need of some restoration did appear for sale a few years ago, down in the South West.

The photos of the Holliwell in sail are copyright of Trevor Davies. Reproduced with kind permission.

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