1962 National Boat Show

This photo was taken at the 1962 National Boat Show at Earls Court, London. The dinghy on the left is an example of the Wineglass class, designed in the late 1950’s by Trevor Kirby, and built by a number of different yards, including Stebbings.

The other boat is a Crystal class sloop designed by Alan Buchanan that would later be produced by Offshore Yachts Ltd as the Halcyon 23.

Photo by Fox Photos Ltd.

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1 Response to 1962 National Boat Show

  1. John Copsey says:

    I am JOHN COPSEY and was the factory manager for Trevor Kirby, I was on the stand in this photo which is actually 1964. The “other boat” is a Zephora Both boats were fitted out at that time in Roper Rd Canterbury. Moudings came from Thanet, Bendon Mouldings. Later the business (Kirby) moved to Penfold Street in Folkestone and took on moudings from the previous tenant including bits for road vehicles and other bits like site boards etc. Here Trevor designerd and produced The Dart, single hander; it was over weight due to the thick sole. It never was a success despite get lots of interest at Boat Show 1968. We updated the Zephora, extending the cabin over the front deck. and changed the name to AMPHORA (17 feet) It had all thre versions of the keel. In 1969 Kirby sold out to Brabourne (London Company). They brought in the range of Magyar boats ( 7, 9 and two dinghies). Later (probably 1972) this busines closed and the Magyars went back to Hungary with the tools for the Amphora.

    Year s later I came basck to East Kent as a manager of Anderson, Rigden and Perkins.

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