Diamond Mk II Brochure

Scan of original Diamond MK II brochure.

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3 Responses to Diamond Mk II Brochure

  1. Norbert Koster says:

    I have a Mk II as well, sailing in the Netherlands. Current name is Sundiver, but previous names were Ithaka and before that Mano. I don’t know much about her history, except that one of the previous owners knocked out the interior for racing and that somebody else redid this. I completely overhauled her in the period 2001 – 2007.
    Some photo’s to be seen here:
    Best comment ever: Is this a new one?
    Would be interesting to hear what the others had to do on their yachts to keep them afloat


  2. Reuben says:

    Lovely to read and look at the pictures and info – I have a Diamond II (Ellen) built in 1964 – sails beautifully and is much enjoyed by myself and daughter

    • Nathan Taylor says:

      Hi,Got one as well (we think).Just wondering do you have any pics of yours?If so we would be interested in having a look at them.We have put put some of ours on the OYOA site.Regards Aileen and Nathan

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