Powder Monkey

Built in 1957 by Stebbings, Powder Monkey was the first example of Alan Buchanan’s Yeoman Junior class. The design uses teak planking below the water line and mahogany for the topsides. The coachroof and cockpit are of teak and the deck in teak laid on ply.

For a number of years the boat was owned by writer and Yachting Monthly journalist Dick Durham and featured in a number of magazine articles written by Mr Durham..

In his article ‘One Man and his Boat’ (YM May 1994), the author describes his somewhat accidental purchase of Powder Monkey, and the refurbishment that followed. ‘Last of the Summertime’ (YM Dec 2001) describes a continental cruise over to Calais, while ‘Adrift’ (YM Feb 2001) records Powder Monkey’s bid for freedom (without the skipper) to the shipping lanes of the Thames Estuary after slipping her mooring in Hadleigh Ray, off Leigh-on-Sea.

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2 Responses to Powder Monkey

  1. Mark Bridges says:

    Powder Monkey is now fully restored and arrived at Arisaig last week.

    If there are any other Yeomen in the area I would love to meet up.

    My email is mtb@pontibus.demon.co.uk

  2. Mark Bridges says:

    Powder Monkey has now been full restored by the Aldeburgh Boatyard and Demon Yachts. She is now moored at Orford in Suffolk, and hopes to move to the Hebrides in 2019.

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