Festival Vertue / Virtue Fidelis

The 5-ton Vertue class sloop Festival Vertue was built by Stebbings in 1951 and shown at the South Bank Exhibition (sports area) of the 1951 Festival of Britain.

After the Festival of Britain the boat was renamed Virtue Fidelis and sold to a Major Glanfield with whom she remained until passing to her current owner Mr Kemp, based in Cornwall.

The Vertue was designed by Laurent Giles and Partners and had a length overall of 25.5 feet.

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4 Responses to Festival Vertue / Virtue Fidelis

  1. Philip Key says:

    Hi Peter, just to let you know I acquired “Virtue Fidelis” from Bob Kemp and she is now moored on the River Dart, Dartmouth.
    She will be well looked after and I look forward to many years sailing her.
    Kind Regards
    Phil Key

  2. Bob Kemp says:

    Pete, I have just sold ‘Virtue Fidelis’ after 12 years of ownership. A sad parting, but she has been passed on in good condition and has many years left in her before any major work is required. She was well built!

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