Zobeide was built in Burnham in 1910 by the Burnham Yacht Building Company,  and these days can be found in the environs of the island of St Maarten, in the Caribbean (some boats get all the luck!)

Actually, an article in All at Sea, April 2008, titled Back from the Dead, describes a fair amount of bad luck that has befallen Zobeide in recent years – one t-boning, another collision during a hurricane which sent her to the bottom, a hauling out onto dry land only to be blown over by another hurricane!

Stebbings undertook two weeks of repairs to Zobeide in 1963. The work involved renewing some of the copper on the stern and caulking on the decks and plankends. Some work was also done on the heads in the fore cabin.

Thanks to Gary Brown, editor of All at Sea magazine, for an update on Zobeide’s current condition,

She had a complete rebuild after languishing ashore for years. I know many of the guys who raced her after they brought her to the Caribbean. The boat has a reputation of being something of a freak … amazingly fast and no one can work out why. Everyone who sailed on her said they always pushed her to the limit and she never let them down. The owner has yet to rig and sail her. She has been sitting on a mooring in the Simpson Bay Lagoon for about five years since the refit and she is still in need of work down below.

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3 Responses to Zobeide

  1. L Savage says:

    Further to my last post: Mr Savage bought Zobeide in about 1963 and may have been the owner who undertook the repairs by Stebbings. He had her re-rigged as a Bermudan with jib and foresail; according to the Lloyds entry (1970) the sails dated from 1965. Her name was Zobeide when he bought her, but she was formerly called Granuaile which is the name of a legendary C16 female Irish pirate aka Grace O’Malley. Zobeide would seem to suit her better; this was the character in the 1001 Nights who was thrown overboard and swam to shore; we always thought the unsinkable lady was a brilliant role-model.

    • L Savage says:

      Further to my last post, having checked our records, Zobeide was bought by Mr Savage in about 1966 when she was in the boatyard at Bursledon Hants. We have looked at photos of her sails and she was not converted to Bermudan rig- sorry to mislead.

  2. L Savage says:

    My father in law, Mr E A Savage, bought Zobeide in 1966 and after years of leisure sailing and cruising on and around the Carrick Roads, Cornwall, sold her in the mid-70’s to an Australian couple who were going to sail her back to Australia. I believe we later heard from them that they had done so. Dad invested in a fibreglass-hulled boat afterwards, but never lost the longing for the way Zobeide handled in light winds.

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