Scow 244 ‘BEEJAY’

BEEJAY was built by Harry Stebbings in 1956 for his daughters Brenda and Jean (pictured, centre and right). Brenda is my mum.  I’m not sure if the boat is still around; it might be at Wallasea.

My understanding is that the scows built in Burnham-on-Crouch were derived from the West Wight Scow.  Work undertaken by Alan Buchanan, who moved to Burnham around 1952, redrew the lines somewhat to produce the Royal Burnham Yacht Club’s own scow class.  This became known as the Burnham Scow or East Coast Scow.

BEEJAY was launched on July 10th 1956 and was the boat in which Brenda and Jean learnt to sail before moving on to race a Cadet, also built by their dad, and larger boats.

The colour photo on the left shows BEEJAY and Harry and Rene Stebbings in the garden of the family home on Chapel Road. The boat was built in the family’s garden shed, which had to be enlarged for the job!

The photo in the centre shows (l-r) Jean, Frances Burgess (now Eaton) and Brenda. Rene is looking on and the man perched on a bench is Ted Deacon, who worked at Petticrows and did BEEJAY’s rigging. Mum recollects that Ted was a nice man and also a bell ringer, as was Harry.

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