When I was in teens I became aware of a box in my grandparents attic.  It didn’t come out very often, but I knew that one day I wanted to learn more about its contents.  Photographs, notebooks, old magazines and worksheets, all in no particular order and with very little description; this is the box I have now inherited.  An archive of material from the old family business, W Stebbings & Sons, yacht and boat builders, marine engineers – hollow spars a speciality.

The original stories behind most of the images are now lost, but some of the boats are still around and sailing.  My hope is that this through this website I can share with people the images of boats they once owned or still own, and pictures of the old sheds and the shipwrights.  And it would be nice to hear about Stebbings boats that people know of and perhaps learn something of the life they’ve led.

I’m not quite sure yet how the structure of these pages will develop.  I think I’ll just start, and then see what happens.  If things end up no more organised than my big box of original photographs then I’ll need to come up with another plan.

Pete Shepherd

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1 Response to Introduction

  1. Caroline James says:

    Hello Pete,
    I have stumbled across your site while researching my family history. Lloyd Shakespeare who bought Stebbings yard was my Grandma’s uncle and she knew him well.

    Before I came across this site, I knew nothing of his history with Stebbings although I do know that he owned a yacht ‘Breda’ which is now moored in Teddington and was one of the little boats used at Dunkirk.

    It would be fascinating to know if you have anymore information on Lloyd or his wife Betty so I can piece together some more of their story.

    Thanks in advance,

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